A phrase tapped onto a noun giving the object in question more significance, or importance. The object in question does not need to be relatively big or old.
It originated in the south and has spread throughout the US.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 21, 2005
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In the south used, by rednecks, as a tool to emphasize nouns. This term of slang is working its way up the west and east coasts to be used in the Yankee states as a tool to emphasize more intelligent nouns
"that's a big ol' truck or "that's a big ol' boy"
by Kirs May 24, 2005
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A man that has a 6" or larger penis.
"I bet he is a Big Ol' "
by OlyHighpenis May 14, 2012
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Huge dosage of marijuana, usually done in Amish country
Person 1: out here in Amish smoking a big ol doink In Amish

Person 2: jeebie weebies!

Person 1: gang
by Big boy 300p April 09, 2018
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When the titties are just too plump and big to handle, these are known as big ol titties. These are the perfect titties for motorboating
Person 1- Damn!! that girl over there has some really 'big ol titties!! '

Person 2- Yeah!! I'd love to motorboat them!!
by Bigwillywonka69 January 05, 2016
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A person that has a crush on Thanos and wants him to snap his fingers up his ass and get real dusty.
Doctor Strange: Omg you see peter parker over there, he's having happy fun time with thanos.
Iron Man: Yea the kid's a big ol' gay
by Minecraft_Tuber_Kid January 04, 2019
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