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To rat, tattle tale,or snitch, or to run away from a fight because of your cowardly ways.

To take a dump.
Yo man, I heard you roused on me. That shit ain't cool. You totally roused during the fight!!!

I gotta go take a Rouse
by bigfoots balls July 29, 2010
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verb - to Rouse - to invite a young female to your room, play with her emotions, bench-press her and kick her out crying with niether of you gaining sexual gratifaction.
So last night I was all grindin up on this chick, she was down so I brought that ho to my room. That biyatch started dumpin some emotional baggage so I Roused her.
by Aaron Lynn April 26, 2004
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named after famous Brisbane City Lothario from the early 90's - 2010. A Rouse is another name for a Rum and Coke without Ice. To this day the majority of Brisbane pubs and nightspots will serve such a drink upon request without questioning what it actually is. Some say he was single handidly responsible for putting the ithica ice works out of business.
I can't believe that he continues to drink a "Rouse" when its 34deg ... I need to have ice in my rum !
by benocon May 08, 2011
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to awaken with coercive action, to stir or incite to strong indignation or anger. Use of physical action to attain active state.
I pulled out my pistol and roused this fool.

I have to rouse a mother focker everyday.
by rouse it big July 26, 2009
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A member of the "Roots" clan.
Prefix added to indicate member's initials
Also See: "Root", "Mckin", "Ralph" "Jimmy-Root"
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
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