Or oishii. Japanese, meaning delicious.
Japanese man eats a sushi.
"Oishi," he says to the stranger next to him.
by sukebe December 22, 2006
Misspelling of oishii by people who think they know Japanese, meaning delicious
Stranger 1: Was the food good?
Stranger 2: Oishi!
by rairainbow April 17, 2016
comes from the japansese language, means something like "OH MY GOSH," an exclamation
"Oishi! I dropped my fork!"
by rachel March 5, 2005
An Oishi is a dreamer. They have wonderful smiles with the bestest dimples and are warm friends. Oishis are food and art connoisseurs and love to appreciate the simple things in life. Are insecure and have hearts that are a little fragile only because they are full of so much love to give. Oishis are witty and wild and can be found cursing computer science engineering projects at wee hours of the night.
That girl's smile just made my day, she must be an Oishi !
by orangejuicetea February 10, 2019
A person who likes koalas very much, they may also like duffers extremely
Oishi likes the Germany jersey she got from koala
by koala9596 November 27, 2018
a krazy ass grl...but a kind hearted girl who is sexy and wild.
i know a girl named oishy who is really cool, nice, and cute.
by krazy guy August 3, 2004
1) It's a snack company with Different types of chips/cracker products from the Philippines

2) Is a (Gibberish-like) language, mostly made by Little Einsteins fans/Multilanguage channels

Synonyms: Piatos, Trawigan, Travedoneon

Antonyms: Hersheys Chocolate
Example 1
English: My Name Is Julia
Oishi: Ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas

Example 2
by SyberG November 23, 2019