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Pronounced "oysh," from the combination of oy vey and sheesh. Used to denote annoyance or disgust, similar to ugh.
"You look like an idiot in that picture."
"Yeah... oish."
by funkyfly September 22, 2009
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meaning like, "DANG!" or "Ohhh snap!" express something is cool/tight like, yeman!
(usually written as "oiisshh!")
1)"Watch this dawg; im bout to make a three;swissshhh
Ohhhhh, oish!"
by flawdagalwitsamoanbluhh January 10, 2009
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from the japanese word, "oishii," or "delicious."
That burger is oish.
by Joji April 10, 2005
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A variation of “Oh shit!” That you can say in front of your mom.
A remark that can mean anything you want it to mean as long as it’s a remark like a swear word or a “oh darn
Mom: “My boyfriend is coming over tonight and I need you to pretend you like him because he’s part of the family now and deserves your respect.”
Me: “Oish... okay mom sounds *cough cough* okay to me.”
by rawrimthelovemonster June 07, 2018
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1. A term of endearment; commonly attributed to a distinct sub-class of feline categorized "Bruce Wayne," but may refer to such pseudonyms as "Batcat," "Brucejuice," "Brucegoose," "Bruce Lee," "Bruce Springsteen," or "Bruce Willis," dependent upon the mood of said feline.

2. Shorthand for the popular phrase, "Who loves the baby, I love the baby."

3. Generally spoken aloud by appointed Head Master of "Bruce Wayne," known only by her formal title, "The Shmeow."
"Oish the baby."

"Oish the baby!"

"Oish the baby?"
by colzn November 13, 2013
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