The Ointment Chris Sabat likes to apply during his casting couches
Stephanie: No Chris! Keep your Sacred Ointment away from me!
by Anime Boobies September 9, 2019
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A minor irritation, or hiccup that makes a failure out of something that would otherwise have been a success.
There is always a fly in the ointment! My ticket matched all six white numbered balls, but didn't match the green Lucky Ball! Still scored one hundred thousand!!! I ain't mad at 'em!
by talk2me-JCH2 April 9, 2021
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A nose ointment is a person who noses from ther window & then goes and tells other people what they presume has happened.. Which ends up as Chinese Whispers..
Oh my god look at that Nose ointment , you can see them behind there blinds/curtains Looking Nosey so& So...
by Thebody66 May 6, 2016
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From the Simpsons, Abe Simpson often refers to it. Similar to "the fly in the ointment," except with an old timer twist.
I forgot to bring the Sisterhood of the Travelling pants!
Well that's the onion in the ointment.
by onioninointment July 10, 2011
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#1) lunar secretions used to moisten ones ashy elbows
"Man, dat niggas elbows was SO ashy, had to apply him some Moon ointment"
by Felix The Gat November 24, 2009
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when you are out with a group of friends, this is the guy who always fucks things up. Like when you put antibiotic ointment on a cut and fly gets stuck in it, you say "fuck!"
For example, charlie is a fly in the ointment,

tom: " the guys are getting together tonight, wanna come?"

Charlie: " yea!"

Charlie then shows up with his girlfriend
by d-c August 12, 2007
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