a sound sluts make when they are fucked
by FuthaMucka2525 September 24, 2021
Japanese for "Hey" in a loose translation.
........."Oi SpikE!"...........
by Rane July 17, 2004
1. A scandinavian expression meaning "oh darn", "crud" "oh snap!"
2. can also mean "oh not this again. . .*eyes roll*" "OMG not you. . ." "this is annoying"
The n00blet IMed me again with a bunch of spam like what they had for lunch; so I said "oi. . . ." and blocked them.
by Blu Phyre February 18, 2005
Australian expression of indignation when someone bumps into you (like "hey"). A way to get someone's attention.
"Oi! watch where your goin mate!"
"Oi, Sarah, d'you reckon I should get this?"
by 4branched.lemon.tree June 6, 2006
1. A form of greeting that can be used instead of "hey" or "how ya doin".
2. A form of music that is a mix of Irish and Punk Rock; This genre includes Flogging Molly, The 4 skins, Dropkick Murphys, The Pug Uglys and The Circle Jerks among others.
1.Oi Patrick!
2.Hey lets go see that oi band.
by Buck Osegueda March 18, 2005
the punk-rocker way of saying hello to someone. a shout-out.
by SkaQueen August 17, 2003