the Norwegian thing you say if you're frightened/suprised.

and you should say/scream it loudly
Alex: did you know that Jim smashed Samantha last night?
Tony: OI!
by Jobabit June 28, 2017
1.a casual greeting.
2.a sub division of punk rock.
1.oi! hows the new baby, mate?
2. they were chanting oi oi oi at the show last night, it was a crazy punk show.
by poop toucher January 15, 2008
Also, Japanese for "hey".
Oi, baka, nan da yo!
--Hey, stupid, what (the)!!
Oi, naninani san, chotto matte.
--Hey, so&so san, wait a moment.
by Anonymous November 5, 2003
a weird exclamtion.
oi man not again
by dryft. January 21, 2019
a style of punk rock designed for and by skinheads, working class punk...(note Lower Class Brats are not oi!)
wanna go to the oi show sham69 is playing
by crazy long hair March 4, 2005
Something a person says when they do not know how to respond or they do not like what you said
"I miss my boyfriend I'm so horny right now"

by AmandaXCostello August 28, 2016