a term said when something or someones action is crazy / sweet / or triffling ( messed up)
* watching a guy in a basketball game , and a fight breaks out on the court)*
you could say "oh son!"

or * a friend is acting dumb like he can run on walls*
the friend / you joke around and are saying : "ooh sonn, oh sonnn !"
by Ben Klug June 5, 2006
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A more profane and direct variation of the phrase Oh Snap, often used to indicate pleasurable suprise or to express amazement towards an individual.

Usually directed towards a person.
"Oh shit Son, you really fucked up the car"

<Bobert_the_great is on a kigging spree>
"Oh shit son, you're tearing up the place"
by Oni Ookami Alfador March 9, 2005
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An exclamation useable in just about any situation to show delight, surprise, disgust, etc...
"Oh shit son, that is badass!"
by melsie February 15, 2010
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1. used in exuberation of a certain action taken that causes such shock and/or excitement; can be used in the beginning of a sentence or the end of one.
2. adjective used to replace boring words such as daaamn, whaaat, or oh shittt; orginated in the north jersey 973 area
1. Oh WOW son, that nigga is slippin hard.
Yo i was at her house next thing u kno i was like oh WOW son!
2. Oh wow son ok o-d.
by Homie D. July 11, 2006
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Something someone awesome says to piss off Bitchwhat royally.

To piss him off, proceed to www.friendsofmaddox.com
Ginomee: OH SHIT SON!
by Mephisto December 7, 2004
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something an idiot says when surprised
micah,when i leap at him with a knife:"oh shit son!"
by oogie boogie jen August 27, 2003
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