8 definitions by the Jew

Completely profound, yet at the same time annoying.
My gosh, her voice is booshwah.
by the Jew June 10, 2003
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Acronym for Wombat Task Force Party, a coalition for ASB elections at Castro Valley High dedicated to defeating our Leadership opponents
Vote for the WTF Party because WE don't molest little children! Guaranteed 100% Leadership free!
by the Jew March 22, 2005
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A loose vagina capable of retaining a beer bottle with ease.
DAMN! She's definately a guilkey. Did you see her twat swallow that dildo?
by the Jew June 10, 2003
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A girl so confused about her sexuality she attends private school and cuts all hair and claims to still be straight.
I sat next to an oober dyke in class. She had on an I LOVE BOYS shirt but was reading playboy.
by the Jew June 10, 2003
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adjective - one to describe the jew, or thebobfather.
bobby the jew is a lazy-nigger.
by the Jew March 1, 2005
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