micah is smart, handsome, funny, kind, and loving, and often does not realize how awesome he is. He underestimates himself, and thinks he will always be single, but any girl would be lucky to have him. He may seem quite, but when you get to know him, he is hilarious and is never afraid to joke around. He is extremely loyal, and will do anything for his friends, always putting other people first. He is a jack of all trades and is good at just about everything he does and is over just a cool guy.
Dang, micah is just so chill and awesome.
by sunrider5 November 25, 2021
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nice person who is a great friend but makes you rrrrreeeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy mad some times.
by c.l.e.o.y February 4, 2016
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micah is a nice,sweet,charming and a gentleman to every girl in the worl so if you date a micah keep your micah.
omg is that a hot micah over there.
by keykeydevoll November 17, 2017
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From the Bible, means one who is like God.
As God says to Micah your in my image, treat everyone as I would.
by 253098 November 5, 2006
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Describing someone or something that is a new level of uber coolness, rad, sweet, or "the it."

It can also replace any appropriote verb and have no intentions whatsoever
"Dood, that concert was soooo micah."

"I am definately in love with her. I just like how she's so nice, caring, yet she's hawt and totally micah."

"y0u c@n fr3@k!n c@n !t 0r !'11 micah y0ur f@c3"

idioticfreak#1: im gonna go micah your sister!
idioticfreak#2: shut up, or you'll wish you were micahd!
by dontchawishyouknew September 16, 2007
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when roughly translated from its language of origin Mandarin Chinese, it can be found to mean "the shit"
that sweater vest is totally micah
by newslang1111 March 1, 2009
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The term "micah" is derived from the ancient Mayan culture meaning "bad-ass". The name was given to all the elders and highly respected people of the community who are far superior than anyone else. It was custom in the Mayan villages for all the hottest females to line in in rows of 4 to give pleasure to this supreme being named micah. The reason it was 4 people is because People named micah are usually well-endowed and know how to used their gift. Micah's were also very wealthy and enjoyed a nice glass of scotch from time to time.
"A group of random beautiful females: OMG! there's that guy named micah! Let's go service him."

A group of random strangers. "OMG! There's that micah dude, lets give him all our money!"
by Micahdykajackoffsen December 31, 2011
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