GNU General Public License

A copyleft free software license. That means that anyone can do anything with something under the GPL except deny others' rights given by them by the GPL. Also the GPL requires that all copyright notices and notices that refer to the GPL stay.
Save a GNU, use the GPL.

I <3 the GPL.
by a thing July 25, 2005
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gand pe laat:
hindi for kick on your ass.
sounds great.
Shut up now or I'll give you a GPL!
by thebaldmaniac February 18, 2005
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GPL stands for Gand Pe Laath. Used mainly in IITs . It is an occasion of hitting a person on is butt hard with shoes , sandals and all other stuffs, especially on his birthday or if he has done something academically great .
Anuj said " today at midnight we have Gopal's GPL . All's invited"
by rockuoffatIIT March 14, 2010
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An incredibly amazing group of friends, in which everyone trusts and cherishes each other. They're very funny and very comforting too, because they're all sigmas and chads.

GPL: Gay Poly Lovers
Hey bud, have you seen GPL?
Yeah they're like sooo cool I wanna have a friend group like them
by GoodMorningUSA August 6, 2022
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GNU General Public License

An amazing software license that uncompromisingly forces anyone using your code to also open-source theirs under the pretense of "freedom". Largely used by individuals who need to reassert their own ego, don't understand the license and/or have not heard of MIT/BSD/ISC.
Jill: Let's write an open-source program that people can do whatever the fuck they want with!
Mark: Sounds great. Want to use MySQL as a back end?
Jill: No, the shit is GPL-licensed.
by RocketInThePocket May 19, 2014
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Stands for Good Pussy Licking. It is just another way of saying oral sex.
Did you get some GPL? Yes, OMG, it was heaven!
by Grestie August 23, 2008
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When a pale (usually Canadian) man/boy puts great emphasis on going to the gym and doing laundry, thereby staying fresh to death, however putting little emphasis on maintaining a bronzed, or tan, complexion.
When I am chillin' in Exeter, NH, my workout regimen is GPL.
by Shnookay November 24, 2010
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