Human, commonly male, that creams their pants upon hearing a female at the other end of the mic. ALso has a fond attraction to the word "Faggot" or "fag"
Online gamers always say faggot and or chat with females in all gaming lobbies.
by errchao May 5, 2010
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Online Gamer means to be a gamer and playing online but, also being beast at the game.
by Online Gamer February 12, 2012
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if you never go outside, have never dated anyone and will one day shoot up your high-school then chances are you're on of them.
by harsh reality June 3, 2005
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anybody who goes online (xbox or ps3) and is more about winning than having fun which is the point of video games.
Online Gamer Douch: WTF did you just steal my kill u noob.
Me: Relax its just a game have fun
OGD: Na man i go pro
Me: You get paid for this
OGD: No noob I pro means i play just to win not 4 fun
Me : Your a tool
OGD: That it im fileing a complaint
by epicfritos1991 March 27, 2011
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