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An upper-middle class school commonly categorized as "preppy". The school consists of mostly ex RC, LJ, and Franklin students.

Like other high schools, Oakton has its fare share of "snobs", "bitches", "sluts", and so forth.

Other definitions are a disgraceful display of some types of people found at this school that have the remarkable ability to spam trivial insults at eachother.

Despite the impression that other definitions seem to give off, the school isn't that bad.
where's the respect?
by blueolive June 22, 2005
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a school located in Fairfax county, Virginia, with shitload of snotty white kids who know no shit about sneakers. A good place to sell shitty ass Jordan's.
This kid at Oakton High School bought my shitty-ass Jordan rare air's for $150
by Rangdamangg May 11, 2011
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An uppermiddle classified school, stuck in California. Words such as Brah, Bro, Girl, like, and sketchy are common. Clothes such as Abercrombie, Hollister, and many other brands will be found here. Oakton takes pride in their athletics and image. In fact we just put up new bushes and flags, among many other things entering the football field. But we still haven't fixed that water leakage in our ceiling! What a surprise.

Many teenagers at this school are in fact athletic. If you aren't athletic, take part in a sport, don't even think about making conversation with those whom do. You will be shunned. Our lacrosse, Field Hockey, and Football players are cherished among other sports. A lot of them are meat heads, arrogant, and pretty much bond together. They have their fair share of suck up's, and teachers who favor. Though however, some might grow up to be successful, but karma will always be there. Most of them won't get scholarships for the sports they play, either. Of course this bit of reality hasn't hit them yet. Many others who aren't well known would gladly sell their soul for a bit of recognition. Thus, sucking up.

Image is important. The girls like short denim mini skirts, hollister tank tops that squeeze their boobs together to give them more pact with their push up bras. Freshly shaven tanned legs, cakey makeup with thickly applied eyeliner, clipped and painted nails, and hair always looks semi perfect. Along with sporting Vera Bradley purses.

High school is their prime. For most of these people, it will be the best years of their lives. They'll turn into Mr. Fouley. Sitting in the Drivers Ed Room, teaching Behind the Wheel, reminiscing about "the old" days. Being single, going home to that microwaveable meal, turning on the t.v, and drinking alone.

For the guys, long nike socks, and shorts are in style. Shaggy hair, which is quite funny because once it's cut you can see all their acne that was once hidden. And sports team college hoodies. Sporting Nikes and N sneakers.

This is the typical Oakton look. Will this even matter 10 years from now? Not at all. Anyone who doesn't agree with this is oblivious. Gym class is a living hell for anyone who isn't athletic. You will suffer from insults. You're pathetic if you can't run a mile. You're a loser. Half of these kids don't even know how hard it is for the ones getting these insults to wake up every morning, go to school, and listen to that same shit. "Same shit different day." If you can't run the mile, you ain't shit. So you better get out there tomorrow when the weathers nice outside your house and practice! Practice makes perfect. Oaktons motto.

Many of these kids will find it hard to live in the real world of reality after high school.
Sean Schnitzer-"My motto is: Image comes first. Oakton high school is the prime of my existance. Not to mention, my uncle has a ferrari."
by asdfdsinka April 19, 2008
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this is fuckin ridiculous-- incase u idiots dont know this website wasnt made for 9th grade bitchy gossip, it was made to show the truth about schools. im ashamed to even be known as a freshman at oakton because just about everyone in my grade is retarded and they post fuckin novels on urbandictionary about some cliq or bitch or WHATEVER that they dont like-- GET OVER IT!!!!!!!! stop acting like little 6 year old cowards, if u got shit to say about somebody say it to their fuckin face-- dont announce it on some website that the whole damn world can see.
do i even need to write an example? look at what the hell is written in here.
by double p May 05, 2005
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oakton highschool is straight up bullshit !! you guys care so much about other people instead of your damn selves ... you take all your time out to critisize libby and dishners, when there are so many more girls in that school that are straight up sluts ! if you guys hate libby so much why dont you get off her fuckin dick and leave her alone she left who cares apparently you all like her to much to let her go !! all you lil girls postin shit about miana -- why dont you say that shit straight to her face !! i wanted to go to oakton real bad until i saw all this bullshit .. its jus not worth it !! why you gotta make these "deffintions" about people and make then annonymous instead of tellin them how you feel 1-on-1 ! cuz none of you girls have the fuckin balls to do it ! .. you got somethin to say -- say it to their faces !! and stop bein lil pussys hiddin and denyin who wrote shit about them
oakton girl: "omg guess what happened with dishners, shannon hooked up with HER BOYFRIEND"
another girl: "yeah we care to much about everyone else instead of the dicks we are suckin"
by westfield bitch ! May 07, 2005
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