If two different sized spoons were in a bed, Stigs would be the little spoon and Tangus would be the big spoon wearing boots
by o.a.r. fan August 11, 2003
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A band that is kind of bad, but people just go to the concerts to get completely wasted with a large group of people, then later split up with everyone they were there with and meet the most random people. Everyone smokes weed and makes out with everyone else, while saying they go to some big name college when they probably are burn outs. But, hey its fun nevertheless, have fun waking up with a horrible hangover and not remembering that OAR was playing.
Drunk Girl: Hey, do you have weed? (slurring words with wicked short skirt)
Drunk Asshole: No
(they start making out and they dont even know eachothers name)


"Wait..what band is playing????" (noone cares about OAR)
by Zopher August 09, 2006
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1.) A tool used to row a boat.
2.) How Irish people pronounce the letter "R".
American guy: "Hand me the oar, we need to get this boat moving."
Irish guy: "Did you see Oar-T-E News last night?"
by RoundenBrown November 09, 2018
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Some horrible band that comes under some bullshit category like "college alternative."
Also see: Hippy & or Prep
Some of those "loyal" fans that call the band "oar" think they have it right... Well! they don't. It's O-A-R... they suck
by Deftones4ever February 22, 2004
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An extreme pop, fluff so called jam band. However they are not known for their jamming because they're all untalented instrumentalists. Anyone who disagrees has never picked up an instrument in their life. All males who listen to this band are "bro's" and deserved to be raped. it is ok for girls to listen to.
Hey i learned every OAR song on guitar.
Really me too i just learned the chords C G Aminor and F
by not a bro February 13, 2007
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Horrible, stoner band that quasi-hippies, preps who smoke weed and retarted semi-jocks in high school and college listen to so that they can wear hemp necklaces and put OAR stickers on the back of their car.
"Dude OAR was so sweet last night, after the show we took my mom's PT Cruiser and we slapped OAR and Grateful Dead stickers on the back of it so everyone will know how much weed we smoke!"
by Fuck Stoner Rock March 26, 2005
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