(v); The act of getting back together with someone that you were once together with in the past. To re-ignite a relationship with someone on more than a friendship level.

Forms; rekindle. rekindling.
Abbreviation; RK.
At O.A.R. concert;
"Yo GEAGZ where is Dachamp?"
"Kid is attempting to rekindle with you know who."
"Damn he always pulls this shit at concerts."
by Golden Eaglez July 27, 2009
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When your birthday cake candle goes out and you have to light it again. A real bummer if you were about to blow it out. Can also be used to describe love and all that bulls**t
Kid 1: awe shoot, my candle went out, ill guess you'll have to rekindle the flame
by someone on the date of : October 22, 2018
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