An extreme form of human failure, know to be attracted to dave matthews, phish, bruce springsteen, vireo, and o.a.r.. Can have many personalities including spider man and the infamous sloppy joe. Love to walk around in socks and lift weights. Must also love blue. Tend to be gone.
"Wow who calls a Bagle a Bagul?"
"A Shudda."

She is a really controlling person, but she always ends up with Shuddas.
by Joe Cuff Cayemberg February 5, 2009
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An extreme form of intoxication, a mix of beer and dip (grizz mint). you can tell a person is approaching this state when one of their eyes starts to close and they slur their words.
"look at that drunk ass in the spider man costume"

"shudda gone?"

"looks like he's been gone for a while"
by trojanrunner12 February 5, 2009
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He shudda,cudda,wudda if he did my way.
by pert81s May 31, 2006
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Particularity in regard to sexual relations, to describe a bad decision which results in disappointment.
by Konstantin August 24, 2013
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