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n. a derivative of the "Birkenstock" shoe brand most known for its wearers being hippie-esque or obnoxiously preppy. Similar to the sandals Jesus sported, Girkensteins are constructed to outlast long journeys/ mission trips on foot.
Girkensteins originated in Pomfret, Connecticut circa December, 2008. They are made out of pliable, brushed lamb's skin, usually of the high quality Gwenyth breed. The interior of the Girkenstein is made out of plush bear fur, woven with birds of a feather now, just bought a plane so we changing the weather now (get back, get back, you do not know me like that!)

v. to exhibit embarrassing preppy-like behavior in a room full of non-preps and or hippies.

adj. the attributes and or qualities that are obtained by the stereotype of the prep.

*note: can also be applied to the dirty hippie.
n. "OH sick mosh bro, your Girkensteins are totally phresh DMB O.A.R.!!!!!#$^"

v. past tense "That boy totally just Girkensteined all over this joint, let's BOUNCE."

adj. "He only got the job at the vegan restaurant because he is girkensteiny."
by Kyle Doiley December 23, 2008
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