a lax bro is a guy who plays the dope sport called lax. He acts pretty gay, using language like “broski” , “stoked”, and “brah” to communicate with other fellow lax bro members. They grow their hair to their shoulders which is known as “the flow”. 99.999% of the time a lax bro is white and originates from the east coast of America. They drive yachts, get hoes, and wear preppy clothing like vineyard vines polos, madras, rainbow reefs, high white socks, and hemp necklaces. Some common lax bro names are Shawn, Chad, Todd, Brian, and Brett. Lax is their god, and he will always come first. #BrosBeforeHoes #LaxBeforeHoes
*Arrives at Nantucket*

Cassie: “Wow, so many hotties! What species are they?!”

Chelsea: “They are known as the lax bros.”
by Shookums666 August 15, 2018
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A lax bro is a guy who plays lacrosse and fully embraces the culture. Commonly found in Maryland, many also spend their time outside laxin' going to Catholic schools and boating. Many lax bros populate Annapolis and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, mostly the Easton area. They spend a lot of time in Ocean City catchin' waves or beach laxin'. Lax bros will often get together for a lax sesh, which usually includes the following: some brews, some bowls, babes, Dispatch, O.A.R., hemp anklets, board shorts, lax jerseys, polos, Madras clothing, Rainbow flip flops, and sometimes Lilly Pulitzer. Many lax bros have long hair and join fraternities in college.

The babes surrounding lax bros are commonly their girlfriends or friends from school. An important thing to remember about lax bros is that they may sleep with a trashy girl, but kick her out immediately afterwards. Lax bros will typically marry the female counterpart to himself, which is a girl who dresses with class and will take their little lax bros to lax practice starting at age 4. These girls also know how to play lax and will lax sesh with the bros from time to time. Many also play field hockey. Lax bros have potential to be assholes to girls and other people outside of their circle, but they are complete gentlemen to their ladies.

Essentially, lax bros are a result of the connotations of beach culture linked with lacrosse culture, the two go hand in hand in places like Maryland.
Captain lax bro before a game: "Do work son!"

Lax bro 1: "Dude, did you just see that chick?!"
Lax bro 2: "Yeah bro she was alright."
Lax bro 1: "Just alright? Son you need your eyes checked."
Lax bro 2: "Bro chill, get with the flow, did you forget I'm practically engaged?"
by brobabe May 8, 2009
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The lax bro uniform, or dress code guidelines are as follows:
1) Headwear: Trucker hats, backwards college hats, goofy winter hats, (ie puff balls and ear flaps)
2) Hair: the longer the better, the wavier the better (wavy lettuce out the backside of helmet or cap)
3) Shirts: Polos, youth league T's, Pinnies, or Skins
4) Shorts: Plaid/Madras, seersucker, long team shorts
5) Footwear: Rainbow, Reefs, Turf shoes with high black socks
6) Accessories: hemp bracelets/necklace, shooting string or sidewall lace bracelets, Ray-ban, Arnetts, or Oakley shades, Lax themed tattoos (ie crossed sticks on calf)
My brother Eric, also known as "MEAT" is a sweet lax bro. He's been drinking lots of Keystone light in his sweet Ursinus hat, blonde hair, sweet lax pinney, Madras, and Rainbows.
by namffoh30 December 7, 2009
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lax bros are the chillest of the chill. Everything slides with a lax bro unless its on the field. Lax bros schedules usually include some brews, some chicks, and one or two lax sesh's a day. being a lax bro means that you fully embrace yourself in the culture. Its a life decision to be a lax bro. Lax bro brew of choice Natty..... Lax Bro shirt of choice lax pinnie....
One who Laxs hardcore everyday (lax bro)
by Woodbro Chillson6969 October 24, 2010
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A male who plays the sport of lacrosse and for some reason thinks that this automatically makes him the "chillest" guy ever. Lax bros tend to wear $2 lacrosse pennies that they got from a summer camp in public. Lax bros will never fail to overreact to anything they hear that may resemble a threat or challenge. Lax bros commonly don't attempt any education for they think they will get into a Division 1 university just for playing lacrosse. Lax bros tend to be dochebags to anyone who is not among them, and learn about 70% of their vocabulary from the MTV show Jersey Shore And lastly, they will systematically rip on any other sport simply because they have fixated themselves so much on lacrosse that any other sport is considered "gay" to them.
Normal lacrosse player: Why are you wearing a lacrosse penny?
Lax bro: You talkin' to me bitch? You wanna fight?
Normal lacrosse player: What?
by oreo1234567890 January 7, 2011
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THE HOTTEST BOYS IN THE WORLD. They get all the girls and can bang anyone they want
Bro: Yo come here lets bang
Girl: Of course, your a hot lax bro
by ilovelaxbros<3 June 2, 2011
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A guy who is overly obsessed with the game of lacrosse. There are usually found wearing a small pinnie, pastel colored polos to show their inner man, frayed hats, flip-flops and college apparel to colleges they aren't smart enough to get into. Some common phrases they use are "getter done,gnarly ,stoked,sesh,flow,turf monster and wall ball." Intense lax bros go off to private schools because there home town team can't handle there massive lax skills. Most of them come home to reunite with the kids they grew up with but they realize they don't score high enough on the bro scale. Some nicknames made up by the non-laxers are douche bag, homosexuals, fags or shit heads. Every where they go they are hated on but they still convince themselves that they are the shit!
Lax Bro 1: Hey dude whats up?
Lax Bro 2: Nothing much just the ushhh ya know just re-stringing fluffy
Lax Bro 1: Sick! When your done you should come over and lax it up
Lax Bro 2:Yeah son!! i'm coming we should coordinate pastel colored pinnies.
Lax Bro 1: Gnarly I'm wearing sky blue<3
by A Lax Bros Sister July 14, 2010
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