Regardless of what all these other bullshit entries say, otown is most widely known as the nickname of Orlando, Florida. Not fucking ottowa or ohio or whatever.
Homie:Yo dawg lets go to orlando, also known as O-town.
by Dick F. April 08, 2009
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Nickname for many cities beginning with the letter 'O'. Anyone living near such a city believes their city is the only true O-Town.
Ottawa, Canada is known as O-Town.
by Mister Marbles September 24, 2010
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O-town is the name of the fictional city in which the animated series "Rocko's Modern Life" took place.

(thats old-skool nickelodeon for all you little kids :-P)
Supposedly located on the border between Michigan and Canada.

Rocko and Heffer live in O-town.
by kirE April 25, 2006
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