It's where Rocko lives.
Rocko lives in O-Town with his pals Heffer and Filburt
by the truth January 08, 2005
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Orange MA. A ghetto name for a ghetto town. Its the poorest part of the state. Its the hood.
Yea its sucks to live in o-town
by o-town November 18, 2006
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abbreviation for Osaka, second capital and the best damn city of Japan
from london to o-town like greenpeace jack their boat init
by Miya-J April 06, 2008
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Oulu, Finland, the secundary capitol of Finland, for if at some sudden point, the southern part breaks of, or ends up in a nuclear war and gets blown from the earth.
I knew he lived somewhere around in... O.. O.. O-town.
by Sir von Neak March 29, 2005
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Regardless of what all these other bullshit entries say, otown is most widely known as the nickname of Orlando, Florida. Not fucking ottowa or ohio or whatever.
Homie:Yo dawg lets go to orlando, also known as O-town.
by Dick F. April 08, 2009
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