O’Neill is always a name given to the best people. They are talented, smart, athletic and good at anything. They are in general great
Person: hey it’s O’Neill
Person 2: How he really is great
by Chrisfrnz67 July 13, 2018
Sweet,loving,funny,and a very good boyfriend.He is usullay very tall and a cute boy. He is flirty with a lot of girls but he’s usually more flirty to his girl. He very athletic. He is also very caring friend. If you find a O’Neill you are a lucky one.
I need a guy like O’Neill
by mcscott December 1, 2018
The act of snorting 2 8balls of coke out of the butthole of another man while stroking your cock at the same time
Dude my slow and remedial friend performed a Jeff O’Neill on this tranny Theresa
by Jeffeyrydell May 5, 2019
when a black women queefs and it is explosive it is called the shaqueef o’neil!!!
damn shawty that was a hard shaqueef o’neil”
by hardmane June 17, 2021
He is the only man on earth who can give birth. He also dates kids under 6 cos he can’t get anyone else, and he can’t survive a day if there not under 8, he shows his thing and masterbaites in front of others, as he is a gay bi boiii
Look! It’s a josh O’neill! Glad I’m not him!
by Abcs123aimmgonnamligmay April 24, 2019
You so Rhys O’Neil
by SmellyCunt69420 December 22, 2019