O’Neill is always a name given to the best people. They are talented, smart, athletic and good at anything. They are in general great
Person: hey it’s O’Neill
Person 2: How he really is great
by Chrisfrnz67 July 13, 2018
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Sweet,loving,funny,and a very good boyfriend.He is usullay very tall and a cute boy. He is flirty with a lot of girls but he’s usually more flirty to his girl. He very athletic. He is also very caring friend. If you find a O’Neill you are a lucky one.
I need a guy like O’Neill
by mcscott December 1, 2018
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The act of snorting 2 8balls of coke out of the butthole of another man while stroking your cock at the same time
Dude my slow and remedial friend performed a Jeff O’Neill on this tranny Theresa
by Jeffeyrydell May 5, 2019
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when a black women queefs and it is explosive it is called the shaqueef o’neil!!!
damn shawty that was a hard shaqueef o’neil”
by hardmane June 17, 2021
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This rare specimen is a perfect being and has absolutely no flaws in any way. This handsome creature can do amazing things on games and cannot lose in any game.
This being also would never write its own definition as it would be too dishonourable.
“U look like a Noah O’Neill
*ascends into another reality*
by MasterNoBrain September 12, 2022
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Shadquille O’Neil, a man who shads his pants
Dude 1: Did you see that basketball game that Shaquille O’Neil played in?

Dude 2: Yeah! He shadded his pants!

Dude 3: Shadquille O’Neil…
by StealthMaster48 January 8, 2023
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