Oral and anal sex. Euphemism used by prostitutes and their clients.

In UK, sometimes called O-levels and A-levels, referring to the (now sadly debased) examination system (Ordinary Level and Advanced Level).
Him: Do you do O and A?
Her: No love, just straight sex.
by starflier December 8, 2003
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Opie and Anthony
Very progressive radio personalities from the New York area.They now are on XM radio. I would say more but that would be advertising..they would probably mention this on the show if i told them about it...then again they might call me a faggot. either way. Im not advertising.
O and A "pests"
o and A WOW wednesday "whip em out wednesday"
by brithael@hotmail.com July 17, 2006
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A Triple Headed Shock Monster, also known as a THSM. A set of emoticons expressing extreme shock.
John: I killed a man again!
Abe: :o :o :o
John: Yeah... what?
by DaveyJones December 31, 2009
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An emoticon used to indicate the person is blushing, embarassed, etc.
person 1: zomg, do you really like him?!
person 2: um.. o////o
by dfskdshjdsahdsa April 13, 2006
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it is someone with headphones on listening to music and enjoying it.
o(-. -)o: don't bother me i like this song.
by myfirstdeadpanda July 17, 2008
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(post embarrasing picture somewhere)

you: aahh take it down O///O
by chiste March 23, 2011
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