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adj. when something is drenched in nut (cum, spunk, spooge, semen) or resembling something that is drenched in nut. an object that is nutley may be stiff, sticky, have a strong bleach scent, or have splattered stains on it.
that's a very nutley dress you're wearing, monica
by steg0saur January 11, 2018
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Medium sized, working/middle class North Jersey town situated between Belleville, Clifton, and Bloomfield. Exactly what a non Jersey resident thinks of when they think of NJ. In fact was mentioned several times on the Sopranos. Think guidos, fake tans, big hair, great Italian food and pizza. Fun Fact: Annie Oakley and Martha Stuart grew up there.
Lets go to Nutley and grab a slice at Ralphs.
by Nutleyite March 13, 2009
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Nutley is a predominantly Italian community, about a 15 minute drive from New York City. Nutley is relatively small (less than 4 square miles) and is not famous for very much. Most people who graduate from Nutley go to Rutgers, Seton Hall, Montclair State, or Penn State. For the most part it is a quiet and peaceful town with many parks to choose from on a nice day.
Jeff: "Back in Nutley... what do you want to do tonight?"
Gary: "Go sit in a parking lot?"
Rob: "Sounds Good."
Arien: (mumbles incoherently)
Mike: "Diner?"
Jim: "I have to eat dinner."
by llcoolglove April 23, 2006
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a town in jersey where the nextels chirp louder than the birds_ its also known as slutleyy. there is more drama then anyone ever could imagine_ 99.999 of the gurls are hoes. sluts. bitches. whores. you name it we got it. pretty much everyone at nutley high are pot heads or alcholics or they just smoke cigarretes but mostlyy everyone does something. most guys are guido, and there aren't many hott guys. basically everyone hates it
i want to get out of nutley cause i'm rotting away in this hell hole.
by <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 October 16, 2005
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nutley is a small town in northern jersey filled with the fakest people in america. being tan and buff is a pretty big thing here, but drama has to be the number one thing about nutley. drama doesn't stop in this hell hole, it has to be the most annoying thing ever. people normally hang out in the burger king parking lot, booth park, yantacaw park, or franklin ave. until they get kicked out of each place. think you cant get kicked out of a park? well in nutley, you can. everyone who lives here wants to get out.
Steph: What do you want to do today?
Amelia: Well, we can go to BK, or one of the parks.
Teresa: Nutley sucks balls.
by burger king crowd member September 02, 2010
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A place where the girls aren't as hot as advertised. All they do is pack on tons of makeup to cover up their frightening faces. It would be hard to walk down the street and not find at least 3 artificially enhanced males with spiked hair and a fake tan. Although they think their town is amazing, their high school has a horrible cocaine, perc, and weed problem. They deal drugs out of cars in Mandees parking lot. In recent years, their football team has been plagued with allegations of steroid use. Recently, their best football players were raised and taught how to play football in Belleville, and moved to Nutley to avoid the hispanic plague moving in from Newark. Although they tend to turn the other cheek, Nutley has had problems and accidents with drunk driving over the past few years. Although their football team has beat Belleville almost every year for the last 10, Belleville people are generally considered tougher, and usually always whip nutley kid's asses in fights. This has been going on for years. Anyone who claims to be tough in Nutley is either crazy, or was raised in Belleville. Nutley people generally look down on the town of Belleville because of it's diversity. What they don't realize is that Nutley will eventually be invaded as well.
White kid from Nutley: "Belleville sucks because of all the spics you guys have.. you are poor."
White kid from Belleville: "Dude, you are from Belleville."
White kid from Nutley: "Uhh.. our football team will beat yours."
White kid from Belleville: "Maybe because your starting Quarterback, Fullback, Linebacker, and D-Tackle are from Belleville, and you guys all juice. Why don't we fight and see who wins that?"
White kid from Nutley: "...sorry i said that.. I don't wanna fight."
by Clint "the man" Eastwood October 05, 2006
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known as slutly. full of dumbass hoes. who wear a ton of make up caked onto their face looking gross asl. they all think they are the shit but they aren’t. full of people who are obsessed with weed vaping and any other drug. most people walk around town high or drunk. girls here dress like fucking thots with shorts going up their ass. everybody thinks they can fight but they fucking can’t do shit. nutley is fillled with hoes sluts whores and everything else. and everybody EVERYBODY is fake asf okay thanks
dude: hey look that that slut
other guy: she is prob from nutley then
dude: damn right
by joshuaaaaa a May 29, 2018
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