A cordless device used to enable/disable other devices from a distance.
He used his remote control to turn the channel on his T.V.
by Unrelated February 6, 2005
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The act of shoving a remote control so far up your ass that you can see china.
I'm not racist but this sum Asian chick gave me a remote control last night.
by Sum Asian chick February 24, 2018
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A universal uninvented remote control device which would enable the user to overpower another users remote control on any given electronic device, when you don't like what actions the remote control holder is doing with their remote control.
I would invent it if i were Chinese and reading this.
1. I didn't want to watch that program he was watching on pay tv so i used my Remote Control Remote Controller.
2. I was sick of watching him do circles with his remote control helicopter so i overpowered him with my remote control remote controller and made some kickass swoops and dives.
by munyuck October 13, 2008
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n. the act of taking a tv remote control and thus inserting it into the female embouchement and thus simulating a male's baby making tool. upon insertion of the remote device the male counterpart of the act inserts his cattle prod and begins to "prod" the female in her fiddle cove.

v. the act of committing the remote control
OHMAJEBUS! Kdog totally reemed the crap out of Emily yesterday. They totally did the remote control numerous times...... and she liked it.... her room of choice was her cavernous accomodations in her place of living..... and the remote was a Kameleon 8-Device Model No. URC-9960.
by atrain and kdizzle June 19, 2006
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he is vv ugly and is annoying. he is very awks when he talks to his crush, reyny beyny!! UwU. he is a volley ball. his nickname is tv. he smells like farts whaaaaaat
"a remote control can open a tv"
"remote control is very annoying"
by reynybeyny November 23, 2022
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In the Incredibles, as if it wasn't terrible all ready that moment where everyone knows that the remote, controls the robot - yet violet decides to say "the remote controls the robot" making everyone annoyed and leading to the robot dying - from a heart attack due to the sheer sarcastic disbelief of it all.

People use it in situations that are blatantly obvious e.g if everyone knows what has happened yet a person decides to repeat it in verbal form: thus making everyone extremely annoyed. Example:
-Dave walking along and trips-

Stephen: You should have watched out for that pavement!

Dave: Oh Really? "The remote controls the robot"

by an extremely knowledgeable guy November 1, 2011
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A small, often scale model of a real plane that is controlled remotely by a small handheld device. These aircraft can usually go anywhere from 20 dollars to thousands depending on what you do. These aircraft can do 300 MPH if you get the right equipment, typically a pulsejet is going to be the fastest thing you can get, but you should consider getting a small high winged trainer aircraft to start with.
Taquisha: I am a negro.
Frank: We know.

Frank: Hey did you see that pulsejet at the remote control plane show yesterday?
Greg: Yeah, someone said it did like 280 MPH!
by Brownturd December 2, 2013
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