a silly person or someone who has done something stupid. usually used in jest as a light insult
"Did you hear Lila bought 50 packs of cookies and forgot to bring them to the party?"

"Wow, what a nutbutt."
by Lainebear December 22, 2011
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Peanut butter incased in chocolate
Crazy person who loves cookies
Person who is a poser see
oreo wigger
Im hungry 4 a nutbutt

Gabbie wants a nutbutt she eates them all the time and doesn't share

That damn nutbutt go ahead and conform to there rules
by Thelostwind October 03, 2004
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The action of having a man's ball or balls enter his own rectum.
Be careful not the nutbutt yourself when you sit down.
by Koredan May 29, 2018
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