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When the show you’re streaming freezes because your internet is too slow.
Dammit, it’s just getting to the good part and now it’s bloody turnbulling!
by LesterPC July 11, 2018
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An agreement which is made in good faith but then not ultimately honoured, potentially under significant pressure from once allies turned traitors.

Named after Malcolm Turnbull, former journalist, lawyer, merchant banker, Australian republican campainer and leader of the Australian Liberal and National Party Coalition.
But that was only a Turnbull.
Dont worry, we can always pull a Turnbull.
by Carbon Warrier December 02, 2009
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Hardheaded/n don't care. Protective, violent, Turnbulls are a family that are all through Cunnamulla to Ballina in New South Whales. they're hardheaded and do not care what anyone thinks until you say something to or about theyre family members, if you do RUNN.
"don't mess with them 'Turnbull's" they're violent and don't care what they do to you"
by whywaaaa October 07, 2015
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to take something good away from someone.

to stand in the way of something that will benefit someone.

to screw someone that is already doing it tough.
I was buying drinks for this chick all night, and then another guy swooped in a Turnbull'd her.

I asked my boss for a payrise, but his managed ended up Turnbull'n it.

I was one day late making a repayment on my mortgage, and the bank charged me extra fees. They are such Turnbulls.
by pma79 February 08, 2009
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