*pronounced (noo-n-dee) (rhymes with country Burundi)

when someone is being a nundy, it means that they act out in an annoying manner at the worst times possible. They can be a nundy for doing inappropriate things, such as:

-interrupt with loud high pitched sounds
-say inappropriate things at inappropriate times
-have random spasms and perform weird dance moves

*the word derives from the tamil word kundy.
what do u want nundy?! that is such a nundy thing to say! go away nundy!
by fresh kaka November 02, 2010
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Someone who refuses to accept being inferior in any situation. Often incredibly boring, continuing to ramble on in an attempt to prove any supposed superiority, killing the mood in any social situation. The person will exaggerate a small triumph, refuse to accept faults and only focus on any perceived strengths. Will challenge anyone to a competition to prove superiority and will invariably lose.
"Bored! Stop being such a Nundy"
"Look, you are fat and slow, you won't beat me in a race, you absolute Nundy"
by Lidzboizlidz February 14, 2014
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Nundies are a disposable panty alternative that sticks to the inside women's pants when they don't want to wear underwear.....
When a woman wants to go commando, she can use nundies for added comfort between her and her pants....
by Joel Mench April 20, 2007
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Your homeboy runnin around with these swiss cheese lookin under pants. Over here sporting useless undergarments and what-not. By choice wearing these ratty chones.
My ex owned nothin but nundies. not a single legit piece of man panties up in his dresser.
by NaeNae9 June 09, 2018
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