The act of emptying someones backpack, then turning it inside out, putting everything back in and zipping it up from the inside. Some even go as far as zip-tying the zippers together to make it extra aggravating. Also possible on some backpacks is a supernug, when you flip a backpack inside out and stuff it all into the small front compartment. This is really a dick move.
"What the hell is he doing? Oh, he's just nugging that poor kid.
by Zach428 August 3, 2007
Nugging is the act of cooking an already baked potato.
It got cold, so I nugged that sucker before I ate it.
The common gesture made by Pingu to indicate anger, happiness or frustration.
by xseed November 18, 2008
A person who is adorable and just sqooshable and you just wanna cuddle and just in general a nugget <3
Omg , you’re such a nug nug <3
by Serenity dino April 18, 2019
a word for someone who is jaw-droppingly retarded. eats rocks on a daily basis. loves rugby, pratting lasses (while unconsious) and getting stoned. can be rapey at times but everyone loves him/her
Alfie: george sanderson is such a nug-nug
george sanderson: arrggggghhhhhhhh your horrible to es *munching on pebbles*
Alfie: oh do one ya backward mongo
by mbb January 14, 2020
A nugget of marijuana, always of high quality, and a sign of fine buds. Nuggets do not exist in schwag or ditch weed.
"I'll sleep in my mini-van, I just need to use this as a place to bust out my nug nugs!" -Doug on Weeds.
by Rufus A. Jones July 11, 2008
tagalog (philippines) slang for the derogatory term, "nigger".
turn off that nug-nug music!

why are you with that nug-nug?

get away from me, nug-nug!

by nahtsch July 11, 2008