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While at school, you must steal a persons backpack. Take out all their books. Then you must inside out the back pack. Then you put their books back in a zip it back up. The end product resembles a nugget. The rule is if you get nuggeted, you must carry it to your next class like a nugget.
Chris and Greg nuggeted Taylor while he fell asleep during a world geography video.
by nuggetmasterX March 13, 2010
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Where someone cuts off your arms and legs and leaves you in a field.
Jack: "What have you been up to?"
James: "Not much, I got nuggeted on the weekend"
by Noisievelt64 November 05, 2014
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to take one's backpack and make it inside out with all the books in the inside... Zipper and and all
I nuggeted poss's backpack 11.6.06!
by Pete Sholley November 06, 2006
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to get hit directly in the eye with a Chicken McNugget.
hey, remember that time we took Mello to the e.r. at 3am after she got nuggeted?
by homer d. poe December 22, 2007
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The past tense of grabbing onto ones' "nuggets" for an extended period of time, and ripping until ones' shorts are bloodied.
Man, that crazy Sooner Deacon really nuggeted that UT fan. Someone should really lock him up forever. I mean man nuggets are crucial to sustaining the human race!!!
by T-Russ October 02, 2007
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To convey the end of a romantic entanglement by means of excrement. The nuggeter leaves the nuggetee unflushed turd nuggets in the toilet rather than breaking up using traditional means such as text messages or Post-It notes. The nuggetee thus becomes nuggeted.
This really sucks. My hamster just died and I think I'm gonna get nuggeted by this chick I've been seeing.
by owningThis February 05, 2010
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The act of turning an extremely poorly performing pro-sports team into a winning team.
"The Rockies have totally Nuggeted themselves!"
by fairweatherfan October 04, 2007
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