Someone who is not particularly smart. Or said something that doesn't make sense.
John: Omg, I accidentally put soap on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste!

Bill: Bro, You are such a nugget!
by MissQuackSter November 02, 2012
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A pearl of wisdom, useful received information.
"Thanks for the nugget on Imclone", said Martha, not knowing that the phone was tapped.
by harry flashman July 21, 2003
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a student. a pupil. someone who you are required to educate and raise. (a Ms Delano-ism)
Teacher: Good morning my little nuggets!
Students: Good morning Ms Delano.

Student: Can we not have homework today?
Teacher: As soon as hell freezes over you nugget.

Student: Whats a nugget?
Teacher: Oh my nugget, sooo naive.
by ettubrutte June 24, 2010
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A hot woman who's mother still looks good...thus meaning that the hot younger woman will probably retain her beauty.
When searching for gold you sometimes find "fools gold"... like finding a girl who's pretty when she's young, only to discover that she doesn't age well. A "nugget" is the "real deal" hot chick.
by OCC October 25, 2007
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A hot chick. A nugget is usually shorter than your average woman, has a little bit of size, a round yet firm arse, and a baby face. A nugget is usually 3 burgers away from being fat.
"That chick is so hot man, she's fit, firm, but her pelvis don't dig into me when I pump her. She's such a nugget !"
"Check out that nugget."
by nuggets_rock February 23, 2006
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