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Whatever navi listens to. :(
navi listens to ayreon, therefore it is good music
by Ashleigh March 26, 2005
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READ AND VOTE DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!woopachang is a word that originated some where by something and it somehow, like a fart blew around to me,
it doesn't really mean anything but is appropriate to say, it can also be used in conjunction with other words.
a covo between person a and person b with a lil a person c:

a. wtf?
b. what wtf?, wtf what
c. woopachang!!!!!!!!!!?
a&b: wtf!!?


a. im starved
b. same jeez i wont some food!
c. yeah i like food.........................................woopachang!!


a.i got my slip 2 day
b. me 2
c. me 3

or even,

a. i hate that biach
b. i know ay that cow!
c. woopa-fucking-chang

thanx if u read this
by Ashleigh April 29, 2004
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Do what you gotta do and dont be scared, cowgirl up!
If someone say, "I'm scared I can't do that", say you better Cowgirl Up or shut up
by Ashleigh July 29, 2004
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Atlee High school girls are the ones that roll up to school in the expensive cars their daddy's more than willingly bought them. Yes, these girls may be called "rich bitches" from time to time but their the only girl you'll find that have class, and the confidence to "bitch" at the appropriate moment. We love to drink and we don't deny it. We get the boys but don't need them to survive. We're smart, sexy, and know how to get what we want and NO ONE can rock the mini skirt like we can...Our friends are our friends til the end and no matter what life brings we know how to take it...We may be priveledged but we're not complete snobs, and we don't need or want a handout from anyone...We're daddy's girls, we're classy girls, we're DRINKING girls, and we're proud to say we're Atlee Girls!
No example is needed.....def all true
by Ashleigh February 1, 2005
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x:im not feeling very good i feel sick
y:i'll go and get a bucket
z:whats wrong with her
y:shes tipsy
by Ashleigh June 24, 2004
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when you roll deep with somebody it means you hang around with them on a regular basis and they are a true friend
i roll deep with shelly, she is a true friend
by Ashleigh September 6, 2003
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A name given to breast's from the noise they make when they bounce.
chris poked tracey's nugga nugga's
by Ashleigh March 3, 2005
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