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big fat juicy food that taste rly good
i like to shove this juicy fruit down my esophagus
"Yo whatchu got for dinna tonight?"
"Nugets, bro!"
"Dude, I'm jealous!"
by Xexdeh December 31, 2019
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A small person who is of Hispanic decent. Usually a small, Mexican immigrant.
There are many Nugets in the USA because of the opportunity Americans have.
by SeΓ±or plantera January 22, 2015
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The hard thing found when you bite into a fake McDonald's chicken nugget.
Pronounced "NEW-GET". "EW!! I JUST BIT INTO A NUGET!!", Rachel said.
by king burger May 17, 2019
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"new-jay", an aspect of .net development.
No Andrew, its pronounced "new-jay" not bloody "new-get", defined as, add nuget to your development.
by TheOtherLegend August 25, 2020
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