A person who eats chicken nuggets by removing the batter off the chicken and eating the chicken nugget and batter separately
I took my blind date to McDonald and I found out she was a nugeter.
by Lunchbox7734 January 30, 2020
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A small person who is of Hispanic decent. Usually a small, Mexican immigrant.
There are many Nugets in the USA because of the opportunity Americans have.
by Señor plantera January 22, 2015
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big fat juicy food that taste rly good
i like to shove this juicy fruit down my esophagus
"Yo whatchu got for dinna tonight?"
"Nugets, bro!"
"Dude, I'm jealous!"
by Xexdeh December 31, 2019
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a polite way for a friend to indicate that their is an un apealing ear wax lump in the area of the ear canal.
She always has major nugets in the mine, thats why she can't hear anything.
by Chad S January 20, 2004
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slang term for your turds. Often the ones that come out looking like a bunch of round balls stuck together.
"Wow Chad! You sure do leave a lot of butt nugets in the toilet!"
by DaDirtySanchezzz March 29, 2006
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Chicken nugets are the BOMB. If you have one in your life you are better than everyone else! Burnt Raw Soggy Crispy...All Are good and so r u
by asdfghjkl;pogfdeswerty February 07, 2020
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when you eat a non-edible food and you cant crap it out and it gets stuck to the inside of your butt
o made yesterday i ate a bead and it became a butt nuget
by spencer samuelson November 08, 2005
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