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a war using atomic weapons w/ the intent of destruction on another country/area.

often used as a possible effect of any plan in a debate.
only the roaches survived the nuclear war that was caused by a plan to make everyone wear school uniforms.
by Jackie January 26, 2004
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A game in which two people have a curry and then take up adjacent stalls see who can produce more noxious explosive diarrhea.
Why were you taking so long in the bathroom?
I was having a nuclear war. I won.
Damn good job.
by СукаБлять December 2, 2016
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Something that's always just around the corner, depending on who you're listening to.
Person 2: "Looks like Person 1 was given the day off."
Person 3: "Christ.. if PRESIDENT HERE keeps this up, we'll be on the verge of Nuclear War any day now!"
by LordHookie April 13, 2022
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What I have
I have a fear of nuclear war. You should have the fear of nuclear war
by A_Strawberry July 12, 2021
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war heads, like the really sour sucking candy
"dude, give me a nuclear war in the mouth"
"just friggin say war head, gosh"
by Ko-Ko May 13, 2007
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Giving such intense head that the penis is rendered useless.
Conor was at bingo night with his grandma when she gave him Nuclear War Head under the bingo table until his penis was essentially a split banana.
by Nuclear War Head November 1, 2014
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