You. You are a nub for looking this up. A nub is not a noob (hah, classic nub thinking they are the same). A noob is someone who is new to something (a newbie), and thus inexperienced and often bad at it. A nub, on the other hand, is someone who has experience in something but is still terribad at it. Nub-ness applies to all aspects of life; encompassing one's knowledge, skills and even their views.
Burridge: I brought tacos.
Heman: Mexican night was last week, nub!
Felix: MAN! Coca Cola Cherry is like the same as Dr Pepper! I love it!
Roger: You are such a nub it disgusts me.
by Getting slicky with it. October 07, 2010
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Similar to noob.

It's like noob as it can be used as an insult when commenting on an act someone did (something stupid)

*It's also like noob as you can fool with newbs. (It is the reason why the definitions are so messed up)

You can call a friend a nub.

You use nub when you are talking about someone who is definitely NOT a newb.
Un-like noob which is used in almost every situation under the sun)
"what a nub <insert explanation>" - most common
"lol nub"

: lol nub
~: nub?
~: was is this 'nub'
: j00 lolololz
: XD"

by Tharcide September 10, 2006
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people who start in a game they have never played before noobs and other sort usually the fist to die at cs in 30 seconds also called newbies this is also used in d2 or other rpg's
thoes nubs got pwnd.
by steve March 29, 2005
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The real meaning of nub is a person that had a stub for an arm or foot but then realized they could touch with it. It burns so much to be touched by the nub and it really burns when it is cracked on your head! All bow down to the people with the nubs or DIE!!!
O MY GOD the nub is on a nubbing rampage. RUN!
by Beastly69 May 21, 2008
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a stupid newbie to a game or other online activity.
That stupid Nub got killed by a level 2 chicken in runescape.
by Shadow April 30, 2003
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