When you only talk to people if they talk to you.
Person 1: why don't you ever start conversations
Person 2: because I have npc energy
by Bearboy69 January 25, 2019
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Npc energy (npc stands for "non-player character") is when people act like characters from a video game, more specifically open world adventure games. They act like characters that perform actions hard coded in the game to get the player doing a specific thing.
person 1 - "did you see that guy? he was going around talking to everyone about goats and kicking the bins"
person 2 - "yeah, thats some strong npc energy"
by How To Play March 10, 2022
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When you only speak to people if they start the conversation.
Person 1: Why don't you ever start conversations?
Person 2: Because I have Npc Energy!
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When someone isn't aware of the one medium we share. They don't see the game of life and the players within it yet. They are unaware they are attached to a personal disharmony and they radiate this energy. Npcs are also known to have limited dialogue and to having little to no wisdom to act upon complex decisions . Many solo players disguise and often get mistaken as npcs
Wow that person must have npc energy.
Yeah they talk kinda funny.
by asymtez May 14, 2022
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When you attack anyone who walks in front of you
Person 1: hey man I was just walking by why do you want to fight
Person 2: I can’t help it, I have Pokémon npc energy
by Cuchie lord March 27, 2019
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