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Npc energy (npc stands for "non-player character") is when people act like characters from a video game, more specifically open world adventure games. They act like characters that perform actions hard coded in the game to get the player doing a specific thing.
person 1 - "did you see that guy? he was going around talking to everyone about goats and kicking the bins"
person 2 - "yeah, thats some strong npc energy"
by How To Play March 10, 2022
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a person who has a powerful connection with the book (pronounced b-oo-k...not b-u-k)
He is a Bookmeister, we must be cautious
by How To Play December 1, 2020
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The book exists in all of us, if you have a friend that acts strange and does weird but funny stuff frequently...he has a strong connection with the book and is a Bookmeister. Book is essentially weirdness but in a good way. places can also be classed as Booky if they are also weird in a good way.
Guy 1: Gebraltah is so booky Guy 2: yes, he pulls the weirdest faces and makes the weirdest sounds
by How To Play December 1, 2020
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