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(n) To sweat profusely despite undertaking very little physical activity. Trait often associated with those that are morbidly obese and/or those who consume life-dangering amounts of junkfood.
"You're an absolute disgrace Paul. You've only been walking for 5 minutes and you already have a full body nozza."

"If I eat another one of these KFC bacon & chees Zinger burgers I am going to nozza - up"
by Reuters May 08, 2005
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A nozza not to be confused as a nose is a salt little bitch who moans at everyone especial the welsh because he is insecure about his own country he lives in.
Wil - Man, You are such a fucking dick
Nozza - YE but you shag sheep
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A "Nozza" is usually a person who plays a lot of games and doesn't spend much time outside of his room. A "Nozza" also tends to make promises or plans but backs out when it comes to it.
Wow, you're really gonna be a nozza?
You've got to be kidding, he's not doing a nozza is he?
by chuckadick April 23, 2018
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A "Nozza" is a fucking cunt, He thinks hes a big man because he played a woman in a game once
Wil - Jeez dont be a Nozza bro

Achmed - Yo i aint a Nozza
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