Obviously, the humor used by those from Generation Z of the human species. Specifically, though, Gen Z Humor is utterly random and often confusing to those who aren't part of that generation. The explanation? Well...it's simply just funny. See, at first, people laughed at memes and thought they were funny. That started quite a while ago and is still going now, but those from gen z have recently evolved their humor to thinking that "sex pp cum poop" labeled on an image of Mike Wazowski face swapped with James Sullivan from the Disney movie Monsters Inc. and things like that.

This was something possibly predicted by Veggietales, the kids show. In episode 18, airing on May 20th, 2003, it's about the future. At one point, Larry says that entertainment is randomly generated. He says, "What better way to achieve the unexpected?" In fact, shortly after that scene, it shows the random humor robot. A robot asks, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" and the other says, "I don't know, why did the chicken cross the road?" in which the first robot responds with, "Weed eater."

About 12 and a half years later, a video was released titled: Veggietales predicts modern internet humor. It showed that exact scene. Yes, random humor was around in 2016, but not nearly as common. Over the course of 4 years, it has become even more random to the point where some people look at it like they don't know what the fuck it is. It's still funny, though!
Person 1: Hey, pst...sex penis.
Person 2: Dude, why did I even laugh, that was stupid.
Person 3: These people and this "gen z humor" nowdays...ugh.
by Murder_is_okay April 3, 2020
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Things that Gen Z find funny; what Gen Z laughs at.
Gen Z: “Bro, look at this video of cabbage! Gen Z: *WHEEZE*

Any other generation: “This is Gen Z humor.”
by TheEndDragon February 18, 2022
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Something that is nonsensical and ridiculous that can be linked to popular memes that can make Gen Z-ers laugh uncontrollably.
Gen Z humor can be like "I FORGOR HOW TO FARD HELP ME AAAAA"
by TopBull February 20, 2023
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The most hilarious memes that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, which is the exact reason that they are funny
Boomers: “I don’t understand your Gen Z humor

Gen Z: Corn flakes
by TheEndDragon April 12, 2023
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A joke that only a certain group of teens, or pre-teen will understand
Gen-Z humor is a type of humor that's sad but in a funny but still depressing way, for example. A normal stable human-begin- "Do you like powered donuts"? GenZ-"Only if they have rat poisoning on it" Normal human-begin-"Are you ok"?
by YOLO GEN-Z November 20, 2020
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