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1.Term for a fuckable female, a girl who while not particularly good looking is not so grotesque or fat that you wouldn't hit it.

2.An extremely attractive woman, one you would love to fuck, when the emphasis is placed on 'not' rather than 'fat'.

3.A girl who's only redeeming attribute is that she is not fat.

1. Man 1: "What about her, would you do it?
Man 2: "Yeah, why not, she's not fat"

2. Man 1: "Woah, she is NOT fat!"
Man 2: "Yeah, she's stunning"

3. Man 1: "I can't believe you fucked her! She's rough as guts!"
Man 2: "I know but she's not fat"
by bucklee May 23, 2008
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The term you use where you say you are not fat but you actually are.
"I am NOTFAT," says Peter, after eating one cake and 10 slices of pizza.
by epicpoope September 23, 2020
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