What you suffer from lack of alcohol. Symptoms are such things as remembering where you live, walking straight, being able to have a conversation without breaking down into fits of laughter, etc...
Dude, i haven't had a drink in three hours... i'm starting to get symptoms of sobriety
by Neo-Generation November 06, 2003
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"fuck man, this sobriety thing bites...i can remember everything, and walk...and speak clearly!"
by Adalae August 31, 2007
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A brain left to decide without influences.
"A drunk man's words may be a sober man's thoughts, but the thought to keep one's mouth shut isn't makes sobriety not the worst thing."
by WhatYouThinkVWhatYouKnow June 04, 2020
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That thing you do when you’re grieving someone,- traditional in American Indian cultures or just a way of living.
Today I walked into a AA meeting house on “accident” and they gave me a charge on my phone when I needed it most. They welcomed me in, it was a men’s center, I took care of myself. It reminded me of my father, I had a coming to god and I remembered why I was being sober, it’s hard though, sobriety. I love you.
by June 08, 2018
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A word that means whatever you want it to mean. A word that has changed meaning throughout time. A word that people use to make others feel inferior. A unicorn of words.
Person 1: How's your sobriety going?
Person 2: It's MY sobriety, officer.
by RyanFNation September 25, 2018
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what the police check when they stop you....
Policeman talking:
This is a sobriety check, you must do as I say! Hand behind head other hand up ass!
Now walk 9 steps heel to toe, Turn and bend over. OK!!
Part 2 put hand in pants pull bishop! OK!!

Next time keep yo hands out of ur pockets!
by itichie_nocanpo August 27, 2006
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