thot central in worcester, mass where people are high everyday and wear pajamas. you’d be lucky to find anyone with an IQ higher than 70
bro, you went to north high school?”
yeah, bro.”
by shortyqueenlol February 7, 2019
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High school in EC, Wisco. Where all people do is skip class, and put dots under their eyes because they’re egirls full of a bunch of thots who suck dicks at lunch, and cheat on their boyfriends at the football games. North high is known for its very high level of stupid people, and drop outs
Jenny: oh watch out that girl goes to North High School

Jared: maybe she’ll give me head in the parking lot
by Cocksuckingthot February 20, 2019
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School where the 4 Oildale Nazi's originated, and where pedo's go to work
Guy 1:"Dude did you see what Edwin Sent to Sasha"
Guy 2:"Na bro what did he send"
Guy1:"A picture of his dick in the North High School Equipment Room"
by CUllen August 16, 2019
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Kingsrove North is a high school filled with Mama's Boys, snitches and ugly kunts.

Nearly all the girls are overweight, they almost all have pizza faces or weird hairstyles and they act like wannabe mean girls only they are so transparent and their sarcasm is about as great as an eight year old's sarcasm and the girls in this school lack the charisma and physical attractiveness thar the real mean girls had.

Most of the guys are closet poofters but they still ask girls (they asked my older sister for nudes)

for nude photos but then they say to each other they never asked for the girl to send photos to them and that she just "sent it without them prompting her" then after they get naked photos from girls (they obviously aren't into) because
they go right to the stupid ill educated unaware teachers the moment someone sends them nudes and then they get the cops to charge the girl they ask for nudes.

The students are nothing but ugly ass Liars that come from sheltered homes but they listen to rap music on their instagram stories just to seem "in sync" with the rest of normal teens that Don't snitch on anyone. Kingsrove North is filled with tryhard snitches.
If you are any aged anywhere between


Don't go to kingsrove north high school unless you want to get snitched on.
The students there are retarded and ugly and always post weird attention seeking shit on tiktok that gets next to no views so why the fuck do they even bother? dude.
by Hs664nick997 July 11, 2022
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A ghetto ass school with shitty people. Slightly better than Lawrence Central, but still awful. It always smells like weed and there's always some shitty freshman asking for a hit of a juul. There's fights pretty much all the time, people having sex pretty much everywhere and the white surban kids will always be smarter than you and there's nothing you can do about it. oh and we have the worst football team known to mankind
by alunnegiy November 30, 2018
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A high school located in Skokie, Illinois. It is right across a shopping mall, unlike the high school you've gone to. This school is known for their disgusting bathrooms, especially the boys' bathrooms, where they vape and smoke weed.
"Why do you vape so much?"
"I go to Niles North High School!"
by Hange Zoe is best girl October 25, 2019
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A Massachusetts public high school with a goddamn attitude. One godforsaken weekday, you'll have a nice time going from class to class, maybe even get a hello from some condescending English teacher who finally has given up on their student loan debt payments and is now living under the table with a fake ID and a boyfriend who is just maybe, just maybe, a bit too young for them. But most days you'll just get bodied in the halls for being a "wackass" and get not only your dignity stolen but also your wallet and keys to your car (for some reason). Mild inconveniences await! To be honest, the architecture of this school looks like a cross between an industrial manufacturing plant and willy wonka's disgusting shade of mustard yellow factory. Don't forget your hall pass because you'll "never get asked for it at all during class" until that one time you do get stopped by some random faculty member with a bone to pick with some goddamn teenagers and finally get bopped but its okay because you've "gotten away with it hundreds of times before". Don't forget the at least 10 after school clubs who don't really get the funding they need but on the other hand do the clubs really deserve it? do they? I'll let you ponder that question in the beautiful scenic library with rows of books that no one reads except when their English teacher herds all their students down to the library and forces them to pick out a book with some self-indulgent title and author who's 20 years past their due date.
Hey man you go to Plymouth North High School?
by TheSharpestTool October 3, 2019
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