The state of being in denial about super bad shit that is happening. Being geared toward everything being awesome today and tomorrow, just like it was yesterday (except that some douche bag did some holocaustic shit).
Dude A: Starting tomorrow, we can all get incarcerated forever without any warrants or trials 'cuz the politicians just voted for that, and Obama said so!

Dude B: No way, dude!! I'm going to ride my skateboard, because I live in a bubble and want it to stay that way. Normalcy bias sure beats how depressing the truth is!
by Sailor Poison December 14, 2011
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Another term for the concept of adaptation level theory. Coined by the noted intellectual Greg Ryan of Los Angeles, CA.
Blaine thought becoming a surgeon would sovle his woes but he neglected the truth that is normalcy theory.
by Thomas Snead April 04, 2006
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Not able to handle normalcy is complicated. What others dont think of as such a big deal if something goes wrong, the people unable to handle normalcy think of it as a big deal and cant handle it. It closely related to emo but isnt because emos behave that way, people unable to handle normalcy were born not capapable of handling life as good as others can.

"Some people are just unable to handle life as it is and eventually come up with their solution to kill themselves"
what other people can handle some people cant

-Some people are born unable to handle normalcy, and eventually aren't able to keep living any longer-
by luigi2cool October 11, 2007
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