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Loose taken to the next level, or 'more loose'.
1) Sometimes it's just not good enough to be plain loose. You need to be looser.

2) Michael was looser than Shelly.
by mexicanpolicesquad April 29, 2006
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Chuck D. and Flava Flav together make up public enemy number one
It takes a nation of millions to hold Chuck D. and Flava Flav back.
by mexicanpolicesquad August 3, 2005
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Seriously, normalcy is a real word. Look it up in the professional dictionary, Merriam-Webster actually names it as "the state of being normal".
His normalcy was beyond comprehension to the eccentric clown trio. They did not hire him into their group because there was nothing unique about him.

"Damn normal people and their normalcy," said the big clown.
"Now you know better than to hate others for being different," said the lame understanding clown with funky lips.
"Yeah, but this guy isn't different, he's the definition of normalcy! There's nothing different about normalcy, it's just normal!" said the smacked-up-on-pills clown.
"Oh. I guess you're right, maybe we should hate him then." replied the lame understanding clown with funky lips.
by mexicanpolicesquad April 29, 2006
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A real word that was around before the new millenium which means 'the state of being normal'.
The normalcy of Martin Lawrence is why he's stuck to only making movies like 'Rebound'.
by mexicanpolicesquad August 3, 2005
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The underground police force of which the general public are unaware of, which prevents the regular police force from messing up too badly or beating up too many people. They also perform other necessary police actions to more or less prevent the Americas from blowing up under their own immense powers.
The Mexican Police Squad came by my house the other day and stopped the evil evolutionists from kidnapping my little boy for their evolutionary schemes. I feel so much safer with them around... in the underground.
by mexicanpolicesquad April 28, 2006
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Systematic exercises usually performed without exercise equipment. It's like what Richard Simmons does.
Most people think that you have to reach a certain level of coolness in order to perform calisthenics, but they're really just for anybody.
Boy, am I fat! I need to lose weight the groovy-man way! Turn up the music, because it's time for some CALISTHENICS.
On the CD 'Blazing Arrow', Blackalicious takes you through a healthy regimen (a.k.a. systematic plan) of Chemical Calisthenics.
by mexicanpolicesquad July 14, 2005
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A systematic plan of any kind.
In exercises, it'd be like going through a regimen of situps, then followed by push-ups, followed by stretches, and then maybe situps again.
All systematic, all pre-planned.
by mexicanpolicesquad July 15, 2005
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