1) Marilyn Manroe's real name

2) Fucking best Christian hardcore/metal band to come, spanning 2 albums so far "Bless the Martyr And Kiss The Child" and "O God, The Aftermath", they even have their own BBQ Sauce!

2) You can listen to your stupid emo-punk bands, and be dark all you want, while I tear shit up listening to Norma Jean.
by Duality__ April 9, 2005
the absolute best, most talented, hXc band to ever walk this earth. Bless The Martyr Kiss The Child...born to a virgin to set us free.
They're walking to Wall Street in straight jackets...
by As 1 L4y Dy1ng 0wnz March 30, 2004
Norma Jean is the name of Marilyn Monroe - however, it has been adopted by a southern rock group on solid-state records.

Unfortunately, to the uninitiated, they just sound like somebody being burned alive, set to drums.
"What is this shit?"
"It's Norma Jean, babe!"
"Now that be lovin' music!"
by Devon Zachary August 9, 2005
The "hardcore" band that has pretty much defaced the name of hardcore. The first of many trendy bands to claim the label of hardcore and not actually have a message or even attempt to play hardcore music.
Person #1: Have you heard the new norma jean?
Person #2: Of course I will have anal sex with you.
by Victor301 October 11, 2005
One of the many bands that wish they were botch. Probably the worst thing to happen to hardcore next to artreyu. A band that claims to be hardcore that is acctualy metalcore garbage, Norma jean has made thousands of idiots think they listen to hardcore. While theyre frist release Bless the martyr and kiss the child was a decent album, O' god the aftermath was a disgusting atempt to mimic botch.
Idiot kid: Dude are you going to see Norma Jean!
Other Idiot: Fuck yeah!
idiot kid to not idiot kid: What about you
not idiot: *punches idiots in the face*
by wootwoot November 1, 2005