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Born in the 1970's, southern rock harnest a perfect blend of southern additude and all that is rock 'n' roll. A southern rock band must have at least 3 guitars. The songs must contain lyrics about heartache, booze, a southern state or any combonation of the three. The "Southern Rock" life style requires you to be physicly out of shape and have the ability to drink a bottle of Jack Daniels by yourself.
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Drive-By Truckers, and ZZ Top
by Edward N. May 28, 2005
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Perhaps the greatest thing to ever come from classic rock, which is, in itself great. Southern rock puts a southern spin on classic rock. The guitar riffs are different, using a more honkey tonk style than general classic rock. It is a step between early country, (which was a bit slow) classic rock, (the best genera of music yet to exist) and modern country (which more or less sucks). All in all, southern rock is a great genera.
Southern rock artists include: Lynyrd Skynynrd, and the Allman Brothers
by Ceolwulf July 22, 2006
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