(1) The act of gently or lovingly nuzzling someone, generally preceding a kiss.
(2) To warm or rub one's nose against another's face, hair, or body.

See also snoozle and nozzle
(1) Jane noozled her little boy as he hugged her, delighting in the soft and familiar feel of his hair.
(2) After coming in from the cold, John gave Jane a playful noozle on her warm and exposed waist.
by Roberto Olivares February 21, 2006
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1. noozle is a derivative of the word nozzle, as butchered by groundskeeper willie.
not to be confused with noodle.

2. the term noozle is also applied to the inner injector portion of the revered mercedes 300D diesel sedan (recently gaining in popularity due to its ability to run on vegetable oil).
willie- "Grab tha noozle boy!"
Ralph- "What noodle?"
willie- "tha noozle, on tha end of tha hoose!"

"Your car needs some new noozles sweetie, and its going to cost, like 600 bucks. I told you not to put the oil from the local chip shop in your car."
by alackrity November 26, 2006
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a noozle can be used to replace any word in a sentence.
verb: to noozle, noozle it, noozled

note: noozle is never an adjective, and cannot be used twice in the same sentence, unless you're referring to the same thing.
noozle, use your noozle, noozle, do the noozle dance!
when the fuzz showed up, i noozled it out of there pretty speedily.
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A noozle is one who can only be described as a noozle because there is no other words to explain ones actions or being.
My god Johny your'e such a noozle
by Pip August 10, 2004
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A free email-delivered newsletter, usually from an e-commerce web site.
"In addition to its blog, the site offers a noozle delivered each day to your inbox."
by j. costic October 02, 2007
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A cartoon (probably Japanese anime) that used to come on Nick Jr. c. 1988.
It was about a girl named Sandy and her stuffed animal Koala bear that came to life. The Koala bear had a sibling that was pink, that was trying to get him to leave earth and come to "Koala ala land" home of the alien race of Koala bears.
Yeah, I used to watch "The Noozles" when I was about 5.
by johnathan gibbs January 05, 2004
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