2 definitions by Roberto Olivares

(1) The act of gently or lovingly nuzzling someone, generally preceding a kiss.
(2) To warm or rub one's nose against another's face, hair, or body.

See also snoozle and nozzle
(1) Jane noozled her little boy as he hugged her, delighting in the soft and familiar feel of his hair.
(2) After coming in from the cold, John gave Jane a playful noozle on her warm and exposed waist.
by Roberto Olivares February 21, 2006
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(1) To noozle someone sleepily, or when snuggled closely and trying to fall asleep.

See also noozle
(1) Mary climbed into bed wearily, snoozled Ted, and then promptly fell asleep.
(2) The infant gave Mary a little snoozle and fell asleep in her arms.
by Roberto Olivares February 21, 2006
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