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1. noozle is a derivative of the word nozzle, as butchered by groundskeeper willie.
not to be confused with noodle.

2. the term noozle is also applied to the inner injector portion of the revered mercedes 300D diesel sedan (recently gaining in popularity due to its ability to run on vegetable oil).
willie- "Grab tha noozle boy!"
Ralph- "What noodle?"
willie- "tha noozle, on tha end of tha hoose!"

"Your car needs some new noozles sweetie, and its going to cost, like 600 bucks. I told you not to put the oil from the local chip shop in your car."
by alackrity November 26, 2006
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a "phil" is a Doritos' tortilla chip, circa 1988 in Southern California, that came about due to some guy named phil getting a part for a commercial advertising campaign for Doritos. His hair was stuck straight up in the commercial, you might remember him.

Dude, we like, Toootallly need some phil's to make spicy barbecue nachos.
by alackrity December 07, 2006
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used by enthusiasts to refer to the venerable VW/Porsche 914 sportscar.
Hey Leif, lets take the top off the teener and go cruise PCH.

The wine and cheese crowd always be hatin on the teener, sain it ain't a real Porsche n' shit.
by Alackrity December 08, 2006
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