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This word is used to attract attention from people around you. First introduced by Sacha Baron Cohen's character Morad in Who is America as the 'n-word'?
Noonie Noonie Noonie! I am in danger, help me.
by tilted_hulk July 27, 2018
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A wet but beautiful place which is best shared with someone you love
by Paul February 14, 2004
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A noonie is an industrious young man who is always looking for fun as is willing to work for it. He sees a bicycle he likes, so he mows lawns until he can afford it. He sees skis and poles at a garage sale, so he takes a job cleaning out garages so he can buy them. Any parent would be happy to call their son a noonie!
<> Look at that noonie dance while he mows the lawn. He sure can make working in the heat if the day look like fun! When he has earned enough $$$, he’s going to take his girl out to a movie. Wh v N at a great guy!
<> I need someone to weed my vegetable garden, so I’m looking for a noonie. He’ll do the work, and I’ll be entertained just watching him!
<> Honey, the attic is a mess! I’ll get the 🎶bombox🎶 / you hire the noonie, and don’t forget to set up the video camera before he gets here. We’ll make a fortune from YouTube likes!
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by Lacemaker427 July 23, 2018
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An all encompassing term for male / female genitals.
1) Hey Greg, look at that chick's fat noonie.

2) Hey man, I think that guy wants to touch your noonie.
by dis_duidelik August 05, 2005
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